It's summer vacation soon.

It's summer vacation soon. I think that many people enjoy family trips by using long vacation. In my home, I would like to enjoy domestic travel this year. Various economic measures have been started this fiscal year. Among them, I think that what everyone is paying attention to is a fixed rate benefit. Even in the city I live in, the fixed rate benefit was promptly taken. In my home, I would like to enjoy domestic travel during summer vacation using fixed rate benefits. I am happy that using flat-rate benefits for travel will lead to revitalization of tourist spots. Also, the expressway fee cheaper. The gasoline price has settled down, and it is pleasant to go traveling far away without worrying about high-speed charges. So I recommend Osaka domestic travel. Osaka that I have visited several times. Since my friends from school days live, I go to see them every year. It would be nice to enjoy Universal Studios with children. Since Snoopy and Sesame Street shows that my child likes are held, it is possible to enjoy while enjoying dinner. Also, Osaka's charm is that Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are full of food culture. It is good to be able to overwhelm all the family members Cheesecake made in the queue and Baumkuchen's shop, so please check it. Also, if you extend your legs, you can do sightseeing in Kyoto and Kobe, so I think that it is attractive. If you use Tomei way via the capital high, it seems like a dream to be able to travel to Osaka with the capital high price +1000 yen! It is! Even in the service area on the way, I think that it is fun to go to the site while enjoying local gourmet.