1950 Packard

1950 Packard Clipper with a straight eight and three on the tree.
This vehicle lived it's whole life with one Ferrisburgh family.
Whiteman Hawkins bought it new and never let anyone else drive it.
After a few years he traded it for another car and it found a home at Mount Philo Motors on Route Seven.
The Car dealer kept it around for a few years and in 1958, Pete Hawkins, Whiteman's son saw it,
swept right in and traded whatever he was driving and took it home.
This is a car he had never been allowed to drive and by his account he had it over 100 mph that day.
When he got home, in his excitement he said, “Hey Dad, I got a new car, what do you think?”
Whiteman took one look at it and said, “That's my car, you take it out back, park it, and never drive it again.”
Pete did that and until now, since 1958 it's been sitting under a tree in Ferrisburgh VT.