To preserve old vehicles and give them new life.
To assist others with their restoration projects.

Nate Palmer

"Gone But Not Forgotten."

Morris Morris

Morris Palmer has a natural affinity for physics and studied electro-mechanical engineering at Vermont Tech in Randolph. He loves to drive, is both the service and sales manager at Palmer's Garage and will sell “everything except the dog” “in any state of disrepair that you prefer”.

Pete Nate

Nate Palmer grew up at Palmer's Garage. His dad started the business in 1946 and the garage was built in 1951. Nate's mom ran a general store and raised four boys at the Garage. Nate's dad was an essential part of the FerrisburghCommunity in that he could fix anything that was broken from farm tractors to heavy equipment to your average family vehicle.
In 1969, Nate's dad bought a brand new Kaiser 543A Military Wrecker with a light crane that had been in a train accident on its way to Vietnam. The entire vehicle was pancaked and when it was delivered it looked like a pile of scrap iron. The Ferrisburgh community was skeptical the truck would ever be functional again, but 400 plus hours of Morris' and Nate's work later, the wrecker became the main recovery unit for the garage and for several years was the heaviest wrecker in the western part of the state.
Nate's work alongside his dad as they rebuilt the Kaiser instilled in Nate the possibilities of salvage. He realized that he could rebuild anything if he put his mind and body to it. While he was still in High School, Nate started buying and selling VW Bugs. His first major rebuild project was a 1969 E-Type Jaguar convertible that had hit a ledge on the way back from the Tunbridge World's fair in the early 70's. Unfortunately, upon the completion of the Jaguar, Nate's dad took the keys and prepared to "park" the car until Nate turned eighteen. This didn't set well with Nate at the time(he was sixteen) but in hind sight, he says it probably saved his life.
Nate's dad, who had suffered from cancer and lung disease, died in 1977. Nate's two older brothers had already left the family business and had started life away from the garage. That left Nate to stay and run the business along with his mom and his younger brother.

Pete Pete

Pete lives in Huntington, has a 10 year old son named Pete and 6 pit bulls, each soft and sweet. He attended the University of New Hampshire in Durham where he studied chemical engineering, U.S. History and psychology. He is a mechanical artist who builds cars from parts and basket case vehicles are his specialty.

Walter Walter